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Subtitle Southeast Asian Short Film Festival Zine


It's been one year since we hosted our first film festival, the Subtitle Southeast Asian Short Film Festival. To celebrate, we are releasing our Subtitle Zine—created for the festival—online for free!


Artist Credits

Co-editors: Ainsley Chac, Michael del Rosario
Zine Design: Irfan Ibrahim
Cover Photo: Michael del Rosario, Agimat Festival

Additional support from the entire Subtitle Fest Team!

Curator's Note, Photo, and Art Credits

Pg. 1: Elise Shick, Festival Curator's Note

Pg. 2: Richard Gessert, Our So-Called Postcolonial Puppy

Pg. 3: TJ Collanto

Pg. 4: Huy Vu

Pg. 16: Nathan Valencia, American Apparel

Pg. 20: Huyen Tran, The dead bird

Pg. 21: Tshab Her, Here, Your English is really good., I am not Chinese, Google Translation: English to Hmong

Pg. 22: Adrian Alarilla, A New Map of the Philippines

Written Art and Interview Credits are featured in-line with the work.